Mrs. Woodsen finds sister Mrs. Culton after 42-year separation


Story of Two Sisters Who Were Reunited
After Forty-Two Years.

BONNE TERRE, Mo., July 11.--An event
rather out of the usual line occurred here
this week in the meeting of two sisters,col-
ored women, who under the operation of the
old slavery regime were separated 42 years
ago, when both were children, and had not
seen each other since. Tuesday evening,
Mrs. Woodsen, the elder sister, now 54 years
old, astonished her baby sister of 42 years
before, now Mrs. Culton, by presenting
herself at the latter's door.
In 1849, Mrs. Woodsen, then a girl of 12
years, was sold and taken South, where she
became the property of a man named
French, in whose family she remained a
slave until liberated. After the close of the
war, for a short time she attended a school
for colored people, established by a Mrs.
Snelling, where she learned to read and
write. She then instituted inquiry for her
relatives, and by correspondence with cer-
tain white ladies whom she remembered,
she obtained information of the whereabouts
of her sister, Mrs. Culton, who was an in-
fant in her mother's arms when Mrs. Wood-
sen was sent South. Her presence with her
sister is the result of her inquiries.

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