Rev. Mack Henson finds his father


After Many Years an Aged Father Meets His
Son and Soon After Dies.

A pathetic death occurred in thi
city day before yesterday that i
worthy of more than a passing notice.

Since the war Rev. Mack Henson, a
colored preacher of this city, who because
of his earnestness as a minister
and his courteous and gentlemanly
bearing is respected by all who know
him, has been diligently trying to find
his father from whom he was separated
while a slave. He has written
letter after letter, advertised in many
newspapers, and even offered rewards
for information of the whereabouts of
his aged parent. After all these years
his efforts were crowned with
success, and about two weeks ago,
to the great joy of the son
his father was located in Alabama.
Preparations were at once made to
have him come to Austin, and Saturday
the old gentleman, bowed with
the weight of years, reached the city
to join his ever faithful son.

The occasion was one of great joy,
and neighbors and friends were invited
to the house of Rev. Mack Henson,
where an elegant supper was spread
in honor of the occasion. The joy
was too great for the old gentleman,
however, and about 11 o’clock he was
stricken down with appoplexy and
never rallied. He died Monday, and
passed into the realms of infinite
goodness, where sorrow will be known
no more forever, and where parents
and children and friends will never be
separated. Rev. Mack Henson has
the profound sympathy of all who
know him, both white and black, in
this his hour of bereavement.

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