Mary Goodloe searching for her stepfather Daniel Battle and mother Eliza Battle

Mr, Editor: I want to f[undecipherable] people. My stepfather is [undecipherable] Daniel Battle, a minister of t[undecipherable] E. Church, my mother is [undecipherable] Eliza Battle. I have two si[undecipherable] one is named Christy Ann [undecipherable] and the other is named [undecipherable] Battle. I have three bro[undecipherable] the oldest is named John [undecipherable] the next is Handy Battle, a[undecipherable] youngest is Caspar Battle. [undecipherable] last time I heard of them [undecipherable] were living in Lamar county [undecipherable] on Little Pine Creek. three [undecipherable] west of Paris. My name is [undecipherable] Goodloe. I am the wife of [undecipherable] son Goodloe. My husband [undecipherable] cal preacher of the M. E. C. [undecipherable] and I am a member also. A[undecipherable] formation will be thankful[undecipherable] ceived. Yours respectfully, MARY GOODLOE Homan st., Miller Co., [undecipherable]

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