Amanda Jane Bass (formerly Amanda Jane Wilson) searching for her mother Emily Wilson and siblings

Can any one inform me of the whereabouts of
Emily Wilson, the mother of Amanda Jane Wil-
son? She belonged to John K. Wilson, who
lived in Montgomery County, Tennessee, four
miles from Clarksville. She was sold and taken
to Mississippi, in 1856 ; or of Eveline Wilson,
who belonged to the same John K. Wilson, who,
after selling my mother, removed from Mont-
gomery County, Tennessee, to Marshal County,
Kentucky, eighteen miles from Paducah. Har-
riet Wilson, another sister, was sold to Joseph
Dear, and taken to Texas. My name was Aman-
da Jane Wilson. I left Kentucky in 1861 or
1862. My name now is Amanda Jane Bass.
Any information of the above named persons
will be thankfully received.
Hamilton, C. W.

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