Annetta Goodwin searching for her father Thomas Jones and several siblings

DEAR EDITOR :- I wish to see if
my relatives can be found. My
father and mother were named
Thomas and Clarisey Jones. My
mother is dead; my father belonged to
John Ebert; but they were sold to
Mr. Walker. He set them free and
they went to Tennessee and left me
in Vicksburg, Miss., with John
Ebert. I had three brothers that
I know, Charles and Drury Richard,
and Robt. Jones. My sisters' names
were Jennie and Julia Francis
Jones, and they are married now
and go by their husbands' names:
Jennie Ales, wife of Scott Ales;
Julia Anderson, wife of Claiborne
Anderson; Francis Hicks, wife of
Willis Hicks. Francis is dead - she
left a son named Richard. My name
was Annetta Jones, and the next
sisters to me were Kinnie Johnson,
Cornelius Johnson's wife; Susan
Jones; Leanna Bald, wife of Louis
Bald, he went to Canada. I had two
daughters, Missouri and Emily -
Emily died with me. After the
death of John Ebert I was sold to
Dr. Meade, in St. Mary's parish, La.,
and my daughter. Missouri was
sold on Red River. Had one granddaughter,
I left her in Vicksburg,
Miss., Address me at Pass Christian,
Harrison county, Miss. I
now go by the name of Annetta
Goodwin. Direct in care of Joseph

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