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Andy Terrill came to California in 1849 and his nephew is searching for information about his present whereabouts

Thomas Grover searching for a man named Uncle Moody who came to California with Henry Cole, the man who enslaved him. Grover later returned to Missouri several times to purchase his wife and daughters before the war.

Jane Stokes searching for her mother, Harriet Cooley, who moved to San Francisco several years prior. Also looking for Cooley's other children Mary, Georgiana, Rebecca, Virginia, Rowley, James, and John.

James Marriot, from Jamaica W.I., was last heard from five years ago in Nevada. His mother just moved to San Francisco and wishes to hear from him.

Unidentified man seeking information about his father, Alfred Turner, who came to California 15 years prior from Marshal Co., Mississippi.

Margaret Stone seeking information about her son, Benjamin Stone, who when last heard from was in California.

James Brodis seeking information about his siblings Edward and Harriet Brodis who were last heard from in Mariposa County, California.

Catherine Jackson searching for her children Mary Ann Ringo, America and Henry Thompson, Susannah and Eleanor Darby, and Harrison Kane who left Missouri with Mr. Marsh in 1852.

Carter, of Chicago, Illinois, searching for her son, last seen in San Francisco, California

Lizzie was at Fort Smith, Arkansas, about to start for Los Angeles, California, when last heard from in 1885.

They ran into each other in 1867. From Fleming County, Kentucky. Joshua bought his freedom in 1849. Solomon escaped to Canada in 1837.

Tom Carnahan reuniting with his brother, Silas, for the first time since the Civil War. They were enslaved in Arkansas before being separated by the war.

Newspaper account describing Clara Bashop's 33-year search for her daughter, Patience, who was sold in 1859. Slightly longer and more legible article than the St. Louis Post-Dispatch version.

Ann Waddell (formerly Ann Bell) seeking her mother Lydia Bell and sisters Rosetta and Helen Bell. They were enslaved by Sallie Bell in Warrenton County, Georgia before being separated through sale.

John P. Jackson is searching for his aunt, Lydia Jackson, and half brother, Plato Jackson

Dr. J. Mitchell Smith is searching for his father's relatives. His father and his father's siblings were all sold from Virginia to Louisiana.

P.W. Jones 5-8-1884.tif
P. W. Jones is searching for his friend Wash Jones and his children Trump, Dink, and Mary Jones. Wash went to Sherman, TX with his master Dr. Jones in 1867. He was formerly Wash Perkins and is married to Eliza Jones. His owners used to call him…

A woman named Jane searching for her mother, Sallie Smith, and her sisters Celia Smith, Lydia Calcoat, and Ann Smith/Martha Riley.

F.J. Yeargin 7-1-1885.tif
F.J. Yeargin is searching for his mother Lovely Goods, sister Silva, and brother Daniel and Anderson Goods. He left them on the Salt Works road in Washington County, Virginia twelve miles from Aviton. He has not seen them since 1840.

Eveline Palmer 7-10-1884.tif
Eveline Palmer searching for her brothers Squire, Willis, and Morris, and sisters Amanda, Margret, Lucinda, and Maggie Neal. They were enslaved by Love Neal in Madison County, MS. She has not heard from any of them since 1871.

Eliza Bell 6-5-1884.tif
Eliza Bell is searching for her mother, father, brothers and sisters. Her mother was Katy Bradshaw, sisters Juan and Suetary, a half sister Caroline White, and brothers Lewis, Armstead, Aaron, Benjamin, Emile Crawford, and Harry Allen. Her half…

Charlotte Butler 9-11-1884.tif
Charlotte Butler is searching for her husband Butler Flournoy and three children, William and Ann Flournoy and Jack Bradford. John Flournoy sold William and Ann in Macon, GA. Her husband was sold in Memphis, TN. She left Jack Bradford in…

Becky Henry 4-24-1884.tif
Becky Henry searching for her sister Liza Tracy who she last saw near Allatoona, Georgia. Tracy was taken to the ironworks by her enslaver Bird Tracy. The last time Henry heard from her was in 1855.
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