Sallie White (formerly Sallie Teague) searching for her sister Harriet Adkins and brother Major Randall

Do You Know Them?

I desire to know the where-abouts of
my relatives. My name was formerly
Sallie Teague, the name by which they
knew me. I lived in Richmond until I
was 26 years old. I left there the year
before the war commenced. My former
husband's name was George Teague.
The white people, with whom I was
in Richmond here name George
Adkins. My people's names are Harriet
Adkins, daughter of Tom and Fannie
Randall, Major Randall, brother
and Harriett and myself.
In the sale of old George Adkins, I
was sold from Virginia to Tom Williams.
I also left in Virginia a sister,
Julia Ballantine, also an aunt, Nancy
Brown, and an aunt Maria Hopkins.
My young white people were Mr
Ralph Brown and Miss Sallie Brown.
All of the above names persons I
left in Richmond 1860. My people
spoke of going to Petersburg.
Giles County, Tenn.

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