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Nathan Malony searching for his wife, Eve, who left in 1865 when Sherman was marching through South Carolina.

Maria Pope searching for her husband Andrew/Andy who "formerly belonged to" Dr. Pope, near Augusta, AR. He is supposed to be in St. Louis or Louisville.

Preston Pagitt searching for his wife Ann Pagitt and their children John Alexander Calhoun, Casandra Jane McDaniels, and Mary Lydia Frances. They were taken from near Liberty, Virginia, to Alabama, ten years ago [ca. 1857].

Peter Mellett searching for his wife Henrietta who was enslaved by Isaac Lenoir, of Sumter District, SC. She was carried to "one of the Southwestern States" about seven or eight years ago [ca. 1859].

Wm. Garnet searching for his wife, Jane, and his children, Willis, Abraham, and Jeney, formerly enslaved by Daniel Garnett, of Manchester, KY. He has been separated from his wife and children for 14 years [since ca. 1851].

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson seeking her husband who she has not heard from since before the Civil War.

Mrs. Byard seeking information on her husband, Robert Byard, who enlisted in Company C, 4th Massachusetts U.S. Colored Troops, 1865. She needs the information to obtain a Civil War widow's pension. The reply to her ad is also attached.

Quindy Relf escaped from slavery. His wife and their five children were later manumitted in Virginia and went to Ohio. They are searching for him. An antebellum ad.

Winnie Lynn searching for her husband Davy Linn who left Chicago, Illinois with an Illinois regiment around 1861, during the Civil War

While enslaved, Martha Jennings was taken from Shelby, North Carolina, to Attala County, Mississippi and is looking for members of her family.

Reprinted from Star of Zion (Charlotte, NC)

She went from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Georgia, in 1867 in search of her father. Has not been heard from since.

They married "according to slave laws" in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 60 years earlier [ca 1837]. They were separated by sale seven years later. Reunited and remarried in Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1897.

Bradley and his wife were sold apart from each other in 1859. They found each other and remarried in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1880.

Anderson and Pryor were separated before the Civil War. They found each other and remarried in Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1905.

He left their home in Baltimore on Nov. 19, 1864. Not seen since. He works on the wharf. During the Civil War.

They are "mulatto" and from the Creek Nation. They escaped, presumably to the North, from Maysville about ten days after the Civil War battle there.

Watson, 79th Regiment, Louisiana Colored Infantry, Civil War, has not hear from his family since they arrived in Louisville, KY, summer 1865. They all "belonged to" Mr. Cornelius Voris, near Marksville, LA, before the Civil War.

Henry Lucas seeking information about his wife Louisa Lucas and their three children who were last seen in Fredericksburg, VA. They left there with intention of meeting him in Washington, DC.

C. A. Halley, special examiner, seeking information of Mrs. Fleming who was Harvey Fleming's wife.

Emily Holmes searching for her husband Solomon Holmes of Dorchester County, Maryland.

Unidentified man searching for his wife Mrs. Mary Jane Bowser, late of Richmond, VA. Information can be received at Johnston's Barber Shop.

Chas. Tucker searching for Elizabeth Jackson, widow of Henry Jackson, late of Washington, DC. [Possibly related to a Civil War widow's pension.]

Times Dispatch. Richmond VA June 19 1910 pg C12.png
Mary Ann Brown searching for her husband, Israel Brown. He belonged to William Fulcher. Sold in Richmond, VA during slavery.

G.M. Bradford Ad 2 11-19-1885.tif
G. M. Bradford searching for Sam Tairl, the husband of Alice Morrison. They had four children Ellen, Hannah, Lucinda, and Mary. He has not heard from them since the surrender. He was at Vicksburg when we last heard from him.


Charlotte Butler 9-11-1884.tif
Charlotte Butler is searching for her husband Butler Flournoy and three children, William and Ann Flournoy and Jack Bradford. John Flournoy sold William and Ann in Macon, GA. Her husband was sold in Memphis, TN. She left Jack Bradford in…
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