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Minerva Williams
Minerva Williams seeking information of her brother, Alexander Sprattely.

Joseph Cheatham
Joseph Cheatham seeking information of his sisters, Sarah Fowlkes and Martha Tissles.

W. Anthony Cole, Jr.
W. Anthony Cole, Jr. seeking information of George Smith.

Widow of Charles Harris, Sr. searching for his son Charles Harris
Widow of Charles Harris, Sr. (in care of Edward U. A. Brooks) seeking information of Charles and Louisa Harris.

W. R. Fields
W. R. Fields seeking information of his son, Robert B. Fields.

William Tunstel
William Tunstel seeking information of his brother, McLeroy.

Henry Lucas
Henry Lucas seeking information of his brother, Allen Kelley.

Mary C. Smith
Mary C. Smith seeking information of her sisters, Emily and Sarah Smith.

Bettie Johnson
First Ad: Bettie Johnson seeking information of her father, Edwin Childs.

Sandy Sprattly
Sandy Sprattly seeking information of her mother, Candis, and sister, Manervie.

William Branch
William Branch seeking information of John Branch. Second ad is the one referenced by William Branch in the text of his ad.

Clara Baship looking for her daughter Patience Green
Clara Baship seeking information of her daughter, Patience Green, and her son, John William Harris.

Lucy Mead and her son, Sandy Anderson, searching for her people
Lucy Mead seeking information of her family and Thomas Gatewood.

Mrs. Annie Polk
Mrs. Annie Polk seeking information of her brothers, from whom she was sold away before the Civil War.

Octavia Ethrington
Octavia Ethrington seeking information of her brothers, Charley and Willie West

T. A. McGahee (formerly William Page)
T. A. McGahee seeking information of his sister, who might have placed an ad in The Richmond Planet, and also information of his two brothers who he had not seen since the Civil War.

John Coleman
John Coleman seeking information of his mother and father, Marie and Nelson Coleman.

Robert Bassey
Robert Bassey seeking information of his mother, sisters, and brother.

Rev. Thomas N. Allen
Rev. Thomas N. Allen seeking information of his father, brother, and sisters.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson seeking information of his friends, who he does not name.

Mary Ancell
Mary Ancell is looking for Joseph Gray.

Josephine Draper Griffy
Josephine Draper Griffy is looking for her father, John Draper.

[Mary L Hunter]
The name on this ad is partially cut off, so Mary L Hunter is my best guess. Mary Hunter is looking for anyone who left Covington, VA during the Civil War.

Lula Montgomery
Lula Montgomery is looking for her mother, Millie, her two sister's, Mary and Judie, and her father whose name she does not remember.

Amanda Wells
Mrs. Amanda Wells is looking for her father, Cager Simms; mother, Jennie; three sisters, Lucy, Mandy, and Roxayana; and two brothers, Lewis and Cager.
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