Eugene T. Broaddus seeking information about brother John Broadus (Broaddus)

Do You Know Him?
WASHINGTON, D.C., July 8, 1895.
I want to find out the whereabouts
of my brother, John Henry Broaddus
His mother's name is Maria Churchwell,
nee Broaddus. He was born in
Caroline Co. He went away and left
me a small boy. He was about 38
years old. I am now 31. His father's
name is John Broaddus now living in
Washington somewhere. Last we
heard from him he was in King George
Co., Va. We did hear once that he
was in Richmond. Any information as
to where he is will be gladly received.
When he left home we were living
near Bowling Green Co., Va.
Truly your anxious enquirer,
57 H. St. S. W. Washington, D. C.,

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