Lula Montgomery looking for her mother Millie, her two sister's Mary and Judie, and her father whose name she does not remember

Do You Know Them ?
ARMORY, MISS., August 2, 1898.
Editor of the PLANET:
I was sold from my parents at Richmond.
Va, before emancipation when
quite a child—a nursing baby—my
name then was Ann. I've been told
that my mother's name was Millie.
I don't remember anything of my father's
My father bought my mother and set
her free before the surrender
I have a memento of my mother. She
took one of her teeth and tied it
around my neck. It is the only thing
by which my mother can recall to re
membrance her child Ann.
I had two sisters, the elder was
named Mary and the one next to me
was named Judie.
If any of the above named persons
are living or any person or persons who
may know them will be kind enough to
write me of their whereabouts, you
will greatly oblige a motherless woman
who has been from her parents and
people down here in the Sunny South
for over 35 years and I am anxious
enough to see my mother and father
to walk 500 miles to see them.
I am a chris ian, and cherish a hope
of seeing them some day in that world
of bliss where parting will be no more,
and Sabbath will have no end. Dear
friend and reader write me.
Gratefully yours,

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