Bettie Johnson seeking information about her father Edwin Childs (1st of 2 ads placed)

Do You Know Them?
Louisville, Ky , October 1, '95.
I desire to know the whereabouts of
Edwin Childs, the husband of Lucy
Childs. The latter was daughter of
old man Carter Page before the war.
She belonged to Franklin Guy. She had
two brothers, one by the name of Wil-
liam Page, and Archie Page.
Edwin Childs belonged to Dr Worth-
um before the war, and he always
hired his own time. His sister Muzin-
da, and he worked in the tobacco fac-
tory together. Edwin Childs' wife,
Lucy Childs, was sold to the Negro
traders before the war by Franklin
Guy Franklin Guy had two sons, one
was named Tommie Guy and the other
Warner Guy.
Bettie Johnson.
No. 814 9th Street,
3t 10-19 Louisville, Ky

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