William Branch seeking information of John Branch

Richmond Planet (Richmond, VA)

First Ad: June 22, 1895
Second Ad: April 6, 1895

Do You Know Him?
SAN ANTONIO, TEX , June 7, 1895.
Mr. Editor:
Dear Sir:—I saw in your issue of
April 6th a letter enquiring for John
Branch. I would like to find John
Branch myself. I am William Branch
and have received several business
letters addressed to William Branch or
John Branch in regards to real estate
These letters were sent from Miller's Saw
Co., Richmond, Va., and I have not
heard anything of John Branch. He is
a relative of mine by mother's side as
my mother was a Branch before
marriage. Her father Billy Branch, and my
mother married a man by the name of
Armstead Woodson who lived in
Lunenburg, Co., Va. He was a slave under
Lawyer Woodson. My mother died
there at Woodson's place. Lunenburg
County and Brunswick County adjoin.

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