William Tunstel seeking his brother McLeroy

Do You Know Him!

I desire to know the whereabouts of
my brother. His name was McLeroy,
and his first owner was James Dixon.
He was sold at Richmond, Va., to
Larken Lynch, a Negro trader and was
carried to Huntsville, Adkin Co., North
Carolina. Our fathers' name was
William Dixon and mothers name Delia
Dixon. My mother and two sisters
were sold by Lynch and carried to
Georgia. I heard from mother once
after she was sold and that was
before the war, My brother Mc
Leroy was carried back to Richmond,
Va., the second year of the war and
sold to a captain in the army, named

I have not heard from him since. I
do not know whether he goes by the
name Dixon or Tustel. Any information
concerning him will be gladly
received. Address,
Planet Office,
814 E. Broad Street,
Richmond, Va. 2-16-3.

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