Alexander Reynolds looking for information about his father Jacob and several members of his family

mother, brothers and sisters. My father's
name was Jacob; he belonged to a man by
the name of Hayes. I left them in Rock-
ingham county, North Carolina. My moth-
er belonged to the widow Reynolds, same
county; my brother's name was James. I
don't know the man to whom he belonged.
My sister's names are Mickey and Charlotte;
I was separated from mother and father at
the age of about ten years. I was taken to
Missouri to James Reynolds, the son of Ed-
ward Reynolds, by Hagerman and Edward.
My sister Charlotte belonged to the widow
Reynolds during her lifetime, and my
mother was free at her death. Brothers
George, Sam and Jerry and sisters Sarah
and Mary, all moved to Missouri together,
to Jackson county, Independence, Mo. Any
information concerning the above persons
will be thankfully received by
Chester, Ill.

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