Samuel Neal seeking information about his half brother Henry Neal (formerly Henry Kirk)

Information wanted of Henry
Kirk my half brother, whose sur-
name was that of his owner, before
the war. His correct name is Henry
Neal. I wish also to know of Man-
uel Neal and Charles Neal. Jane
Neal was taken off by Nick Buchan
an, her owner. Jerry Neal was taken
away by Henry Woods, his owner.
The last time I saw my mother
Allie Kirk was 6 months before
emancipation time. She was in
Union, Ga. I was born near Griffin,
Ga., in Pika Co. I was taken away
by Frank Scoogan to Herd Co. Ga,
where I remained until freedom and
then went to Texas. Any informa-
tion of the above parties will be
greatly appreciated by Samuel
Neal, Belleville, Texas.

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