Silvia Catchings searching for the family of her mother Sallie Qualls

DEAR EDITOR: I wish to inquire about my mother's people. She was a native of Virginia, living three miles east of Petersburg. Her name was Sallie Qualls. Her father's was Charley Qualls. Her mother mary, and her grandmothers Sarah and Della. Her sister Julia, and brother Charley. The baby was Peter. Her master was John Qualls and his brother Jesse. She was sold at the age of about ten or eleven years old, in the year of 1856 or '57. Her aunt was lizzie, and she had a daughter named Merrica. Leaving Richmond and going to New Orleans, there they were bought by one Travic, who lived in Copiah Co., Miss., about twelve miles east of Hazelhurst, Miss., on Pearl River. SILVIA CATCHINGS, Bethel, Copiah Co., Miss.

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