Nellie Harbold looking for her children Lydia, Miley A., and Samuel Tirley

Lydia Tirley who was taken from Lex-
ington, Ky., and nineteen years ago and
placed in the yard of Forrest the Trader,
who sold her to a man be the name of
Dick Fily, somewhere in Tennessee. Also,
my daughter Miley A. Tirley, sold from
the same yard, known as Forrest's Traders
Yard, in Memphis, Tenn., to a man by the
name of Billy Perkins, in the State of
Louisiana. Also my son Samuel Tirley,
sold from the same place in the same year
to a man be the name of Robert Sanders,
at Holly Springs, Miss.
Since then I have heard nothing of them,
but if this should meet the notice of either
or all of these my children, or any person
who may know anything about them they
will confer a great favor by addressing me,
their aged mother,
No. 216 Spring Street, Milwaukee, Wis.
Care of Lewis Hughs.
N. B.--I was formerly owned by the
Chambers family in Kentucky.

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