Unidentified parents reunited with their daughter after 20 years

A TOUCHING SCENE.-The Newtown (Md.)
Gazette says: The steamer Tangier last Satur-
day [Saturday] landed at our wharf a negro woman who
had been sold "way down South" some twenty
years ago. She belonged to the Rush estate,
and her father and mother, whose heads are sil-
vered [silvered] with the frosts of many winters, have re-
mained [remained] on the farm ever since. During the war
they lost all traces of their daughter, and gave
her up for lost. In the past few years, how-
ever [however], communication was restored between pa-
rents [parents] and child, and it has been the one grand
hope of their declining years to once more see
their daughter. Recently they received a letter
from her at New Orleans, saying that she would
soon start for this place. For the past few
weeks every boat day the old couple could be
seen in town peering with eager eyes at the
faces of the passengers as the boats would reach
the wharf. A shad of silent disappointment,
and anon a tear, could be seen upon their
wrinkled faces when the found she was not
aboard. But last Saturday they were not dis-
appointed [disappointed]. As the boat neared the wharf a
buxom, comely mulatto waved a handkerchief
at the old couple. Pen cannot describe the joy
of the party when the woman finally found her-
self [herself] in the arms of her parents. The old lady
executed a half-shout, half-fandango, skip
around, and the old man stood on his head, and
the "hour of jubilee" was on that wharf for
many minutes. It was one of the most touch-
ing [touching] incidents we ever witnessed.

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