Robert Cox reunited with his wife after 24 years

Midlothian.-The quiet village of Midlo-
thian [Midlothian] was the scene of an incident several
days ago the like of which rarely occurs.
In the spring of 1855, Robert Cox, a negro,
belonging then to a gentleman in this vi-
cinity [vicinity], was married to a woman of the same
neighborhood. Several months after his
marriage he was sold to a trader from
Georgia, and was carried to that State,
leaving his wife in Virginia. She, too, was
sold a few years afterwards to a resident of
another State. Though they were sepa-
rated [separated] and each ignorant of the other's
whereabouts, they both concluded to
start out in search of each other.
For more than six years they were sepa-
rated [separated]; but the war being ended and
they being set at liberty, began the task of
finding each other. The man having heard
from several sources that his wife had left
Virginia, thought it useless to visit his for-
mer [former] State; but after long years of search
throughout several of the southern States,
and not having any clue to her whereabouts,
he concluded to visit his old home before it
would be too late. But fortune favored
him. His wife, having given up all hopes
of meeting with him again, had returned
here, and occupied the same old log cabin
that she once resided in years before.
When her husband came back again to the
old cabin, and he beheld the one he had
spent years of sorrow and toil endeavoring
to find, they recognized one another, and
the shout that arose from that cabin and
rang through the forest near by will be re-
membered [remembered] by them as long as they live.
After finding his wife he carried her down
to Georgia to live, and they are at present
residing in that State.

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