I would like to find my people. I was born
in Virginia and lived five miles from where
ships landed on the James river. My father
was named Brister Johnson; my mother, Fannie
Johnson. We belonged to Isaac Jones
He had a brother named Aaron Jones. I had
brothers named Jim, Sam, Lewis and Henry;
two sisters, Sallie and Malinda Johnson.
Isaac Jones died before I left Virginia. He
willed me to Jackson Jones, who lived in Tenness,
and he sold me to Logan Harper. Logan
sold me to his brother, Henry Harper. I would
like to find my wife's people, too. She came
from Charles country, Md., near a town called
Porter Bacco. She belonged to Robert Carpenter.
Her father and mother are Peter and
Susan Anderson. Her father belonged to the
Spauldings. She was sold in 1813 and carried
to Alexandria, Va. Mr. Collingworth bought
her. My wife had a cousin, Lee Conner; he
was a fiddler. Her whit people had a daughter
named Tinie Andrews. anyone can give
information of these persons, please address
Randle Johnson or Sandy Anderson, Mineola,
Wood county, Texas.

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