Daniel West (formerly Daniel Cooper) looking for his father Jeff Cooper, his mother Susie Cooper, and his siblings

I would like to know the whereabouts of my
lost relatives who were separated from me in
slavery. I was taken from Scriven county, Ga.
My father's name was Jeff. Cooper, and moth-
er's [mother's] name was Susie Cooper, my sisters' names
were Anna Cooper, Siler Cooper, Katie Cooper
and Sallie Cooper. My brothers' names were
James Cooper, Bill Cooper and Rimeon Cooper.
I last saw my father and mother with Tobe
Rodgers, and they were the estate of Jefferson
Robinson. My slave name was Daniel Cooper,
my name at this time is Daniel West. Any in-
formation [information] concerning any of these parties will
be cheerfully received by Daniel West, Dykes-
ville [Dykesville], La.

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