John Granston and Albert Thurston Robinson searching for their parents, with the help of Susan Trueblood

Canton, Ind. Oct. 19, 1867
John Granston and Albert Thurston Robin-
son, aged respectively 16
and 13 years, were sent from Missouri to
Kentucky in the year 1863, Andrew Robin-
son, of Clay County, Missouri, was the own-
er of the boy's father, Cayed Robinson,
whose wife, Frances was owned by Whiten
Drew, of the same County and State, and af-
ter his death fell to his son, Dalphin Drew,
who, in 1860, sold her to a man by the name
of Pitcher, the former owner of her mother.
This man formerly lived in Platt city, Platt
County, Missouri. Albert, the youngest boy,
was brought to Kentucky in August, 1863,
by Dalphin Drew's wife as nurse for her
babe. John, the elder boy, and his sister,
Mary Eliza, with several others, were sent
there a few months later, to the care of
Washington Gordon, Logan County, Ken-
tucky. From thence they came here a few
months since, intending to get back to Mis-
souri as soon as possible; but the parents
may be elsewhere now. A kind, elderly col-
ored man, by the name of Peter Garland,
has voluntarily taken charge of them, and
placed them in comfortable, but transient
homes, but they wish very much to be united
to their relatives. SUSAN TRUEBLOOD.
P.S.-- If any one should wish further in-
formation, they can write to me, and I will
give it, if possible. My address is Canton,
Washington Co., Indiana.
Nov. 2--1t.

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