Elizabeth Jones searching for her people

Do You Know Them? I would like to find the where abouts of my people whom I left in the state of Virginia some 40 or 50 years ago and send me your price. My son put a notice in your paper sometime ago about his father's people and has found them, Mr. Mark Messer. I belonged to a man named Jack Thrift I don't know how far it was from Petersburg, but it was called a days journey from where I lived to Petersburg. My master Jack Thrift's wife was named Patsy and his oldest son was named Caleson, and he was killed crossing the creek at the ford by a horse. His next son's name was Tommie and his oldest daughter Martha and her husband was Henry Hawkins. When his wife Martha died he came back and married his wife's sister Lucy and I was given to Miss Lucy Hawkins, and I lived on a place called the Ellis place and the nearest neighbor s name was Batt Evans, and Batt Evans gave my [indecipherable] a woman and one child for me named Lucy Davis.
Batt Evans sold me in Petersburg to the speculators and they carried me to Richmond and put me in Lumpkin's jail and sold me to a man named William Spears who lived in Alabama.
My mother's name is Dolly Burro and father name Tom Burro. They belonged to my first owner Jack Thrift. Mother had a daughter named Rosena but she had one child named Eliza, another named Elija and another Louisa.
Sister Emily had a mark on the forehead where a horse kicked her. Any information that can be given about any of these parties will be gladly received.
Mrs. Elizabether Jones,
931 Monument St.,
Danville, Va.

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