Margaret Stringer (formerly Margaret Green) searching for her mother Sarah Digs and multiple members of her family

MR. EDITOR:-- My maiden name was Margaret Green, and I belonged to James L. Peak, when I was a child, and lived in Palmyra, Mo. My mother belonged to John Garner, who lived four miles from Palmyra, Mo. I can't say what direction. My step-father was named Harry Digs, and he was blind and lived at John Garner's. My father's name was Jackson Green, but he died in Kentucky. My sisters names are Eliza, Rendy and Clara Green. My half sisters are Julie Digs, who belonged to a Mr. Randolph, four miles of Palmyra; Fannie Digs belonged to a Mr. Holiday, and Dilcy Digs belonged to Jno. Garner. My brother, Jackson Green, belonged to Robt. Stewart in Palmyra, Mo., and Biscoe Green belonged to Hamilton Lowen. My mother's name was Sarah Digs. I was sold by Mr. James Peck to Wilson Vaughn, and he sold me to John Mackifel, and he sold me to Wm. Ousley, and I was brought to Mississippi. My name was Margaret Stringer, wife of John Stringer. My postoffice is Hazlehurst, Copiah county, Miss.

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