Henry Black searching for his family including sister Caroline Ware and brother Willis Ware

Mr. Editor - I desire to inquire through your paper for my people; I left them in 1856, in Lafayette, Chambers county, Ala. - one sister and a brother. My brother was named Willis Ware, and sister was named Caroline Ware; they both belonged to Mr. Jamison Ware, and he sold them to a man named Wm. Moffit, who carried them to Texas. My father was named Mike and mother Fannie Ware, brothers Joe and Jack, sisters Sarah and Mary, and the baby at that time was named Jane. We all belonged to Jamison Ware. Father and mother were sold to a man named Dr. Trimble, and I was sold to a man named Samuel Black, therefore my name at this time is Henry Black, and we are all living near Centre, Cherokee county, Ala. Any on finding the above named will please address Rev. H. Adams, at Centre, Cherokee county, Ala.

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