J. A. Wade searching for brothers Calvin, Joseph, and Gabriel

DEAR EDITOR: I wish to inquire
for my brothers Calvin, Joseph, and
Gabriel. Our father was Enoch
Wade, and he died in May 1863, at
Levi Wade's, the old home of our
owner. Mother was Rachel Wade,
and she died in 1878. She told me
and sisters Tennessee and Viney
just before she died that she was
going home. Father also passed
away in triumph. Brother Calvin
was sold to a trader, in 1857;
brother Joseph went off with the
Union armies in 1862. Bro. Gabriel
Warren went to Guittard, Kansas,
in 1880. I heard from him in last
February, and he was then sick.
His wife was named Abbey.
Address me at Crescent, Rutherford
county, Tennessee. J.A. WADE.

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