D. J. Price seeking information about his father, William Price's family

MR. EDITOR-- Please allow me
space in your consolating paper
once more to inquire for the
whereabouts of my father's relatives,
whom he left in Virginia. He said
he left them when quite young,
about 16 years old I suppose; he
left his people in Richmond, Va.;
was sold to traders and brought
to New Orleans, La., and sold to a
man by the name of A. G. Jordan,
who he served until freedom, who
farmed on Red River lands at a
village now known as Allen, 7 or 8
miles from the river, 5 miles from
Spanish lake. He has not seen or
heard of any of his people since he
left Richmond. He said there were
four brothers of them, and three
sisters, whose names were as
follows: John, James or Jessie and
himself, William Price; don't
remember his sisters' names. My
father has been dead four years; I
was not with him when he died;
but when he left me he told me to
inquire until I found his people.
He also left a father and mother
in Virginia. Address D. J. Price,
Fortson, La.

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