Juda Ann Williams (formerly Juda Ann Grear) looking for her father Edmond Alexander

MR. EDITOR ---- I wish to inquire through your paper for my father. I was about 12 years of age when I last saw him; I was coming through Memphis from Holly Springs, Miss., and have not seen him since. His name was Edmond Alexander; his first wife was named Ann; she was my mother; my name is Juda Ann, and at that time was Juda Ann Grear. Since that time I have married a man named Samuel Williams; now I go by the name of Juda Ann Williams. The last time I heard from him he was in Kansas. I was at Memphis three years ago to see my brother; before the war he was John Grear, but has since changed his name to John Crockett. I had two other sisters, Penelepy and Lucinda, Lucinda died and Penelepy is living at Holly Springs, Miss. My mother's last husband was Foyt Grear. Dear father, if this reaches you please address Juda Ann Williams, Paris, Tenn.

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