Mrs. Ann Read (formerly Clarissa) searching for her mother Perline, sister Sephrony, and brother Anderson or any family (1st of 2 ads placed)

DEAR EDITOR ----- I belonged to
John Rowden of St. Charles county
Missouri. I was called Clarissa. I
was sold to Mr. Kerle, a planter
My mother was named Perline. I
was the youngest of mother's first
children. I had a sister named
Sephrony, and a brother called
Anderson. I don't know much
about mother's second children.
My step father's name was Sam.
He was a house carpenter and also
belonged to Mr. Rowden. I was
eight or nine years of age when
sold. When Polk & Dallas passed
through the country. I remember
hearing them say I was ten years
old. I wish to inquire if I have any
living kindfolks and exactly where
they are now living, and their full
names, so that I can write to them
I have written before but have
received no reply. I am all alone in
the world, and it would be a great
happiness to me to know that I had
some living kinfolks. If mother,
sisters and brothers are dead, I
think I must have some neices or
nephews living. Hoping with the
help of God to hear from some of
my family and that before long. I
remain respectfully Carrisa
(now Ann). Mrs. Ann Read, No. 246
Customhouse St., bet. Marais and
Treme sta., New Orleans.

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