Joseph Grosse seeking information about his mother, Matilda Davis's (formerly Matilda Johnson) kin

DEAR EDITOR - I desire information
of my mother's kin people. She left
them in Alabama, near Midway or
Five Points. Her father's name was
Mack Hampton; mother's Jennie
Hampton. We all belonged to Mr.
Green Nalley. He sold mother to J.
D. Johnson and mother married a
man who belonged to Johnson named
Phillip Johnson. Mr. Johnson
brought us all to Texas before the
war and turned us loose at the surrender.
Mother had four brothers
and three sisters - Berry, Anthony,
Hodge, Hamp, Phillips Neally, Charlotte,
Martha and Ann Neally. When
Martha left there mother's name was
Matilda Johnson, but she now goes
by the name of Matilda Davis.
Address me at Kildare, Texas.


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