Lazarus Holland looking his parents James and Kenna Holland and several siblings

Of my relatives. I was born in
Nansemon County, Virginia, about
three miles from Carsville, on a
plantation owned by Henry
Holland. My father and mother
belonged to him, and their names
were James and Kenna, I had five
sisters and three brothers. Brothers'
names were Lamb, Jonah and
Nathan. Sisters' names were Edie,
Hester, Jane, Hannah and Matilda
Holland. They all went by that
name (Holland), when I left them.
I ran off in March of 1862 and
followed the Union Army until the
surrender. I bid my father
goodbye the morning that I left, and I
have not heard of a living relative
since. Any information concerning
their whereabouts will be gratefully received.
P.O. Box 88, Pueblo, Colo.

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