Adam Johnson searching for his mother; his son Elder; his brothers Aaron, Daniel and Charles; and his wife's sisters Judie, Susie, Cinda, and Dicie

tives, mother, brothers Daniel, Aaron and
Charles, and my wife's sisters, Judie, Susie,
Cinda and Dicie. We lived near Colum-
bia, Murray county, Tenn. Our family was
divided after the death of our master,
about the time of Polk's election. Aaron
and my son, Elder, fell to John Mack, I
was sold to John Parr, who moved to Ar-
kansas. At that time Susan, Judie, Cinda
and Dicie all lived with Franklin Alexan-
der, Murray county, Tenn. Any informa-
tion given will be very gratefully received
by Adam Johnson, Stephens, Onachita
county, Ark.

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