Francis Sanders searching for their parents Eliza and Harry Cole and several siblings

tives. My father's name is Henry Cole
man; mother's name, Eliza; my sisters'
names, Sealy, Hannah, Caroline and Eliza-
beth. My name is Francis. My mother
has more children younger than me, two
boys and one girl. I do not know their
names. We all belonged to Joseph Arthur.
He got broke, and my mother and all of the
children fell into the hands of Robert Den-
son, He moved them away from near
Edinburgh, Va. At the death of Joseph
Arthur I was sold to a man named Samuel
Yowel. Samuel sold me to Milton Howlen-
worth. He sold me to the traders. They
sold me to a a man in Mississippi. When I
left Virginia in 1853 I left three children.
My daughter's name is Caroline Wade. Two
boys' Henry and David. Any information
will be gladly received. Address me at
Loch Leven Lidy, Adams county, Miss.

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