J. W. Williams seeking information of his grandparents Joshua and Mahala Williams or any of their descendants

my grandparents or their descend-
My grandfather's name was
Joshua Williams; his wife was
named Mahala Williams. They
were owned by James Harving at
Wedgefield, S. C., who sold them
to Governor Manning of S. C. He
carried them to the State of Loui-
siana. The owner having failed to
sell my mother whose name was
Lendonia Williams, one of the two
children of my grandmother, her
only brother, David was sold with
my grandparents and carried to
My mother, some years after the
surrender, received letters from
them in Louisiana, at which time
they were all alive. In one of
letters the they stated that my uncle
David had lost two of his fingers
in a sugar mill. Their younger son
by name James H. Addam Williams
did the writing of the last letter
that we got from them.
Any information as to their
whereabouts will be gladly re-
ceived and highly appreciated.
Address J. W. Williams, Cedar
Keys, Fla.

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