Mrs. Jane Turner seeking information about father Lathern and siblings Mary Boyd, Mahala Lathern, and an unnamed brother

ther, sisters and brothers. My brother
and father belonged to James Lathern, but
by marriage they fell into the family of the
Hartisons, and afterwards were sold to
Abram Newberry, and from Newberry he
was sold to George Turner in Washington,
North Carolina. My father was known by
the name of Lathern, the miller. My oldest
sister, Mary Boyd, belonged to Zacra Boyd,
and lived in Bathe; my sister Mahala La-
thern, belonged to Samuel Lathern who
lived four miles from Bathe, Beaufort, Co.,
N. C. The last I saw of my father I was
coming through the streets of Washington
in a speculator drove and I was then
bought by Tom Lathern and brought to
Mississippi where I now live. My name is
Jane Turner. Any information will be
thankfully received, Address,
care of H. G. Turner [my son]
Martin station, Claiborne Co., Miss.

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