Mrs. Celia Poole (formerly Celia Jones) searching for her parents Cyrus Hill and Judie Jones, and her brothers Henry and Isum

atives I was born and raised about
thirty miles from Petersburgh, Virginia, in
what was then called the Owens and Free-
man settlement. When quite young, I was
was sold with my mother and brother Aaron to
traders. Mother was sold again soon after
leaving home. Since then I have never
heard of her. My father, Cyrus Hill, and
two brothers, Henry and Isum, were left in
Virginia. We belong to a man by the name
of George Jones. His brother, Benjamin
Jones, was a storekeeper in Petersburgh.
My mother's name was Judie Jones. A man
by the name of William (Bill) Skillman
bought me in Kentucky. He lived between
Lexington and Paris in Barben county. My
maiden name was Celia Jones. Any one
that will or can give any information con
cerning the above mentioned, they will con-
fer a favor by addressing Mrs. Celia Poole,
Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

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