Diana Johnson searching for her parents Jack and Hannah Hellard and several members of her family

I desire to find the whereabouts
of my people. I was born in North
Carolina, Rowan County, five miles
from Matville and twelve miles
from Saulsbury. My parents were
Jack and Hannah Hellard; they
belonged to George and Catherine
Hellard; I had one brother and two
sisters. Brother John was sold to
William Golden, who brought him
to Alabama; he was then sold to a
speculator named Heway. Sister
Jency married Harry Galloway;
Sister Flora belonged to Jessie
Hellard and was sold for debt. The
last time heard from, mother had
married again to one Benjamin
Garner. They had three children,
Ben, Milas, Calvin and Lucy Gar-
ner. Was sold from mother in 1839 to
Bill Haden, who brought me to
Alexandria in 1840 and from there
to Texas in 1841. My name was
Diana Hellard; it is now Diana
Johnson. Any information corcern-
ing any of the above named persons
will be thankfully received. Ad-
dress, Mrs. Diana Johnson, Galiad,
Galiad, Co., Texas.

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