Anna Quinn (formerly Anna King) searching for her parents Louis and Elizabeth Taylor

MR. EDITOR: I wish to inquire for my dear mother and father whom I left in Virginia when [undecipherable] was sold at ten years old. M[undecipherable] name at that time was Roe Burte[undecipherable] Anna King George Thomas. M[undecipherable] father's name was Louis Taylo[undecipherable] and mother was Elizabeth Taylor. My brothers were Robert Taylor, Jack Taylor and James Taylor. Sisters were Lina Taylor and Sall[undecipherable] Taylor. My master's name wa[undecipherable] Mr. Wm. Quall. My father belonged to Mr. Dick Wartha, son of J. Taylor. The last time I wa[undecipherable] with my people they were living in Virginia near Stern's Postoffice. I was sold in Bowling Green, Va. at ten years old. My master had been married three times before [undecipherable] was sold, and all three of his wive[undecipherable] were buried in the garden. My dear mother and father, do you remember what you said to me when I was sold? You told me if you never saw me in this life you wanted to meet me in heaven. I am married now and have six children. My husband is named Geo[undecipherable] Quinn. I go by the name of Anna Quinn. Any information will be gladly received. In care of Rev. W. R. M. Gatewood, Akerman, Miss.

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