James Madison searching for his uncle James Madison and his aunts Permieler and Rose Ewps

DEAR EDITOR: I want to inquire if I can find my mother's people who were left in Virginia, Macklinsburg Co. When she was 6 years old she was sold and brought to Texas and her mother also. My mother's name was Racahel Ewps, and she is named Sarah. They are dead now. My mother died here in 1875, and her mother died during slave time, but my mother has some brothers and sisters that she left in Virginia. Brother's name was Jas. Madison; sisters, Permieler, Rose Ewps and others whom I have forgotten. They belonged to a man by the name of Dan Daley in the State of Virginia. Any one knowing any one of these persons will please notify me in the City of Birmingham, Tex. JAMES MADISON, Care of J. Smith.

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