Sarah Hart (formerly Sarah Brady) searching for her parents Sealy Brady and Harry Pritchet

MR. EDITOR: I desire you to assist me in inquiring for my people. My mother, who is named Sealy Brady, and my father, Harry Pritchet; I had three brothers: James Lucas, Harry Brady and Jordan Brady; two sisters, Luvinia Brady and Binor Brady; my aunts were Amy Grice, Aunt Millie Grice. Anna Grice and Luvinia Grice. I have six uncles: Jordan Grice, Jack Grice, Solomon Grice, Luke Grice, William Grice and Aaron Grice. Two of my father's brothers, Ben Pritchet and Millben Pritchett, Hanna Pritchet and Rose Pritchett. All mentioned above, except two sisters and one of my brothers, whose name was Harry, I left in Washington City. My former name was Sarah Brady, but present name is Sarah Hart. Address me at Lassater Station, Texas.

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