Mrs. Mary Heading (formerly Mary Booey) searching for her siblings Lancet and Simon Johnson and several extended family

Information Wanted.

Information wanted of the following
relatives and friends, by Mrs. Mary Head-
ing, formerly Mary Booey, the widow of
John Booey. I wish to learn the where-
abouts of my brothers, Lancet and Simon
Johnson, who belonged to Mrs. Jane Ma-
gridder, whose grandson, Dr. Hughes lived
in Montgomery County, Md. We lived
near Millersville. When my husband
John Booey left he had two children, Rich
ard and Sarah. Sarah was married to To-
by Hall, and is now dead. William Booey,
a brother of John Booey belonged to Nat
Waters, and lived near the "Old Goshen
Church" "Bill Booey," his wife and
three children, were all living at last ac-
The above are near and dear friends, of
whom I should be pleased to hear. I have
been twice married. Any information of
the above addressed as follows, will be
thankfully received:
Ocean Oyster House,
138 West First St.,

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