David Rideout searching for his father's relatives, including his grandparents Dick and Peggy Rideout

MR. EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my father's people. My grandfather is Dick Rideout, grandmother Peggy Rideout. They belonged to Sam Shags, of Maryland, 13 miles from Washington City. They had 16 children--Betty, James, Barbary, Tettee, Rachel, Mary, David Henderson, Sophia. Amelia, Christian, Ann. My father is Henderson Ripeout. He was sold, ran off, was caught and sold to a negro trader in 1844, who brought him to New Orleans and sold him in Mississippi. I saw aunt Sophia in 1866 at which time she was living in Claiborne Co., Miss. My address is Columbia, Miss. DAVID RIDEOUT.

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