C. L. Crump searching for his grandparent's relative

Mr. Editor--By reading the SOUTHWESTERN some time in April, I saw an inquiry of a woman who said she was moved by John P. Crump, who lived within fifteen miles of Richmond, Virginia. That was my old master's name; all of my kin people came from that way somewhere. It may be some of my grandmother's or grandfather's people. My grandfather was Providence; grandmother, Cheney; mother, Jennie. I had three uncles, and all died but one--named Nelson. My father was Peter, and came from Tennessee. He belonged to a Mr. Harris. He had a wife and four children there, three boys and one girl. The oldest was Carroll. He named me after him. Father was a Methodist preacher, and the father of six children, by mother. Three of us are Methodist preachers. Jesse Nevils took him off to Mississippi bottom before the war, and he died. C. L. Crump. Goodman, Miss.

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