Maria Applewhite (formerly Maria Anderson) searching for her mother Phillis, father Haskin, and siblings

DEAR EDITOR--I wish to inquire for my mother, father, two sisters and two brothers. Father belonged to Claiborne Anderson. Mother, one sister, one brother and myself were sold by John Brooks in Mason Co., Ky., and I was brought to Mississippi by Chas. Diwit about 35 years ago. I don't know where the sister is tha was sold with me. My mother's name is Phillis, and father's, Haskin; sisters' -- Bahal and Marky; brothers' -- Washington and John. Mother and four children, including myself, belonged to Jack Anderson. My name was Maria Anderson, but I have married since I came down the river, and my name is now Maria Applewhite, Please address any information to me at Meadville, Miss. care of John Applewhite. MARIA APPLEWHITE.

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