Miss Mattie Gooseby searching for her mother Mollie Gravely

Do You Know Her?
I desire to find my mother. The last
time I saw her was five years ago. She
was then in Greensboro. N. C. Her
first husband's name was Ned Goosby,
last husband's name, Green Gravelly.
She goes by the name of Mo[undecipherable]lie
Gravely. She had four children, viz.
Mattie, Johnnie, Mary and Rosa Goos-
by [Goosby], two of which are in Danville, Va.,
one at Winston, N. C. and the other at
Martinsville, Va.
Any information will be thankfully
received by Miss Mattie Gooseby, 122
Craghead S , Danville Va. 3-3t

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