Henry Anderson searching for mother Peggy, brothers Chas, Horace, and Alex, and sisters Sarah Ann and Malinda

I would like to find my relatives. I was born
in Somerset County, Maryland. My name is
Henry Anderson, my Master was John Ander-
son [Anderson] of Eastern Shore M. D., I left about six
years before the war. Mothers name was Peg-gy [Peggy] and my brothers were named Chas, Horace,
Alex, and Sandy I left two sisters in Maryland
Sarah Ann and Malinda, I had a brother
named Geo. who was drowned at Montgomery,
Ala., on the Alabama River. John Anderson,
my master, died in Baltimore before I left
Maryland, but was brought home. His
wife was name Layer Jane Anderson. She had
children name John Wesley and Lemule And-
erson [Anderson], Mary Elizabeth Carnelia and Louisa
Anderson. I had an aunt name Harriet. She
was married to Simon Parker. My Cousins
were Moses, Daniel, Lott and Ike. My aunt
did belong to Marie Adams, I was sold to John
Sanders and was afterward sold to Judge Per-
kins [Perkins] in the state of La. Any information will
be gladly received. Address Henry or Sandy
Anderson, Mineola, Tex., Wood county.

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