Harrison Bradley and his wife reunite after 21 years and remarry


Reunion of a Colored Man and His Wife,

Who Were Separated During the Days
of Slavery.


YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO, August 16.—In the
year 1857, when the baneful curse of slavery
existed in the South, the marrying and intermarriyngof
colored people were not recognized
by the forms of law, or regulated by
statute. They met and "loved at first
sight," and lived and cohabited together,
as the beasts of the forest, without
any legal preliminaries. The hero of this
story is Harrison Bradley, who, in the darkest
days of slavery, was a victim to its curses. In
the year above-mentioned, he met a beautiful
and fascinating girl, whom he loved at "first
sight." She, of course, returned his affections,
and they were married, as all
slaves were in those days. Two
years later, the happy couple were sold on the
block and separated. After the war had closed,
and slavery extinguished, Mr. Bradley came
to Ohio, and, supposing that his former "sweet
heart" was dead, married another woman.
This second wife died a short time
ago, and Mr. Bradley was again
alone in the world. A few days ago his former
wife, whom he had not seen since 1859, by
accident came here, and to her great surprise
found her former husband. It was a sad
though happy meeting. Preparations were
made immediately for their remarriage,
and that happy result was
consummated last night at the residence of
Mr. Bradley in the presence of a large body
of friends, both white and colored. Mr.
Bradley is in very good circumstances and is
respected by all, and it is hoped that the aged
couple, after so many years of hardships and
separation, may yet live a long, happy and
prosperous life.

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