John Williams reunited with his mother Harriet Blackwell after 32 years

John Williams Visits His Mother
After an Absence of 32 Years.
The Knoxville Tribune of yesterday
contains a long account (which was
printed as original in the Gazette this
morning) of the re-union of a mother
and son, who had not seen each other
for thirty-two years. The people were
colored, the mother's name being Har-
riet [Harriet] Blackwell, and that of the son John
Williams, he having taken the name of his
master, a Mississippi planter, to whom
he was sold when a boy. Williams
learned of his mother's whereabouts
from a colored man who was in Knox-
ville [Knoxville] a few days ago, and, the Tribune
says, came to Asheville, where his
mother lives, on Christmas day. The
Tribune says in closing the story:
"John went alone into the house, and
his mother, upon seeing him, rushed into
his arms with many exclamations of joy.
He remained in Asheville until Tuesday.
A brother of John who was sold at the
same time he was has never been heard
from since he left the Blackwell planta-
tion [plantation]."
Williams also met in Knoxville a
brother whom he had not seen since he
left home, and from him learned that
their mother was living.

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