Eliza Dyson searching for her family


I would like to know the whereabonts of some
of my people, which. to my remembrance,
belonged to a slave-holder by the name of Gamble
and lived at Defate County, Mississippi; my
mothers name was Ellen Gamble, fathers name,
Anthony Gamble, and four brothers, the oldest
Henry Gamble. next Ellison, Walter and Alander;
sisters. Jane, Mollie, Channie, Harriett,
Emiline and myself, Eliza. Old Gamble had two
sisters, both married; one named Steward and
the other Walker; to his sister Mrs. Steward, he
gave myself and sister Jane and my sister
Channie and Mollie to his sister Mrs. Walker,
and my sister Jane was married to a man by the
name of Abb. and my people when learning
they were free, left old Gamble's place by night
but could not take me as I was kept up to the
house, but I remember that in a short time
after they left my mother, sent my sister Mollie
back after me but they would not let her have
me. Any information concerning any of the
persons will be cheerfully received by Mrs.
Eliza Dyson. 8113 Bell Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Memphis and Holly Springs, Miss., papers
please copy.

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